Board of Directors


Mr. Bert Pronk


A Dutch Citizen and a prominent businessman of Netherland, Mr. Bert Pronk has invested in various key industries in Bangladesh and established companies like Chittagong Denim Mill Limited, B.M. Container Depot Limited etc.



3 Mr. Mostafizur Rahman

Managing Director

Mr. Mostafizur Rahman is a versatile and rising entrepreneur of Bangladesh with an innate understanding of the nuances and intricacies of global businesses. Across the immensely wide cross-section of industries through out the world. He is the main Promoter & Founder Chairman of the Group.


Mr Mujibur Rahman


Mr. Mujibur Rahman is the youngest brother of Mr. Mostafizur Rahman. He is playing a key role in organizing the business and creating new opportunities as well as establishing new standards of excellence in every sector of their related business industries/ his efficiency enriches their ability to operate in the global market like EU countries, Japan and U. S. A.



4 Mr. Shafiqur Rahman


Mr. Shafiqur Rahman is the eldest within the brothers in the family. His foresight, cision and experiences have contributed immensely towards the establishment of benchmarks in every sector of their business.